What Are Steps to Installing Attic Ventilation?


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To install attic vents, the roof must be cut from the outside roughly 18 inches from the roof's peak. Shingles must be removed from the area before cutting the roof. The vent can then be nailed to the opening and sealed using roofing cement.

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When installing roof vents, appropriate locations for vents must first be determined and marked with a nail from the inside prior to cutting. Appropriate locations are between rafters, roughly 18 inches below the roof's peak, and only on one side of the roof. Shingles must be removed from the outside around the potential venting area using a utility knife. The cutout area should be 1/2 inch larger than the vent size. After this, drill a starter hole at the edge of the cutout, and saw the roof out from this. Attempt to place the vent into this hole, but shingle adhesive or nails may need to be removed to make it fit.

Once the vent fits, make sure to slide the top edge underneath the shingles above the vent. Nail the lower edge of the vent to the ceiling, and seal the vent using roofing cement between the shingles and the vent. A dusk mask is recommended during this process, and care should be used when walking between rafters inside the attic.

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