What Are the Steps to Install a Nuheat SOLO Thermostat?


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To install a Nuheat SOLO thermostat, turn off the power to the system at the circuit breaker, remove the thermostat faceplate, connect the thermostat wires to the power supply and load, and attach the sensor wires to the thermostat. Before restoring power, set the DIP switches and secure the thermostat.

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Before replacing or adding a thermostat, shut off the power to the heating system at the main electrical panel. To remove the faceplate, loosen the screw on the bottom of the thermostat, and lift the cover up and away from the base.

Use solderless connectors for copper wires to connect the thermostat wires to the power supply and load from the junction box. The SOLO thermostat does not have a separate grounding wire. After connecting the electrical wires, bring the sensor wires through an opening in the base of the thermostat, and connect them to terminals one and two. The end of the sensor cable needs to reach the floor, but it must not touch any of the electric wires; position it between two floor heating wires. If connecting the thermostat to a network, the appropriate connection can be made at this point.

Push any excess wire length back into the junction box, and then secure the thermostat base to the wall with screws. Set the DIP switches to ensure proper functioning of the unit. For a standalone thermostat, leave the first switch in the Up position. The second DIP switch should be Up for tile floors and Down for wood floors.

Replace the faceplate, and turn on the power to begin using the thermostat.

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