What Are the Steps to Install Dryer Vents?


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Steps to install dryer vents include determining exit points, drilling pilot holes to test the exits, drilling holes for the vents, sliding the vent caps through to the outside, attaching and caulking the outside. Caulking inside around the vents, cutting appropriate duct lengths, assembling and testing.

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The best dryer placement is against an exterior wall to ensure that the distance to the vent is as short as possible with minimum turns or angles. The dryer vent should exit at least 12 inches above ground. Drilling a pilot hole allows for repositioning if the hole is in the wrong place, closer than 12 inches from a deck or air conditioner. When cutting the hole for the vent through wood, installers should use a bimetal hole saw. For brick or stucco, installers should use a masonry bit with a hammer drill for the pilot hole, then draw the circle for the vent and chisel it out.

The duct pipes should be cut with tin snips and the duct connections sealed with a metal foil tape. If more than a few feet long, ducts should be strapped to walls or the ceiling. The Family Handyman also recommends using rigid metal vents, which collect less lint and maintain air flow.

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