What Are the Steps to Grow Tobacco?


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To grow tobacco, obtain seeds and make them grow with proper irrigation. Process the tobacco with curing and aging to turn it into a usable state.

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  1. Obtain seeds and plant

    Get tobacco seeds from a local vendor. Plant them in average-sized pots and leave protected for around 60 days. The soil should be moist but not wet. When they reach a height of six inches, transplant them into a fertile field.

  2. Look after the crop

    Use fertilizer to ensure proper growth of the crops. Nitrate fertilizer with no chlorine is considered the best for tobacco seeds. Keep the plants well watered but refrain from irrigating in excess. Soggy soil isn't considered favorable for tobacco. Keep weeds away from the plantation by carrying out regular cutting. As soon as the flower forms, cut the terminal bud so that the top leaves get the most nourishment.

  3. Ensure curing and aging

    When the plants turn into stalks, cut and place them in a curing facility. Cure the crops for around a year or so, just so the crop can develop a wholesome flavor. Ensure suitable moisture and heat throughout the procedure. After curing, age the tobacco for approximately two to five years, depending upon your requirement of taste and flavor.

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