What Are the Steps to Disassemble a Maytag Dryer?


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Disassembling a Maytag dryer involves removing the back, top, front and side panels to gain access to the key components that may need testing, changing or replacing. These steps are simple and can be done quite rapidly.

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The first step is to unplug the dryer from the power socket and carefully pull it away from the wall in order to get access to the back. Next, find the exhaust hose and slide it off the dryer by pinching the clamp that holds it onto the exhaust vent. Pull out the back panel by removing the screws that attach it to the machine.

The next step is to detach the control panel from the machine’s top panel by undoing the screws on the left, middle and right of where the two panels join. Note the location of the wires, and then disconnect them from the door switch and from the panel clip.

Next, find the screws inside the dryer’s door opening and undo them to detach the door from the top panel. Then unfasten the screws at the bottom of both sides inside the dryer to disengage the side panels. Access to every other part of the dryer is now available.

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