What Are the Steps to Creating a DIY Backyard Patio?

What Are the Steps to Creating a DIY Backyard Patio?

Create a do-it-yourself patio by preparing a foundation, installing the edging and laying the pavers. Time required to complete this project depends on soil conditions and the size of the patio.

  1. Prepare the foundation

    Remove enough soil to make room for the gravel, sand and pavers. Plan the project so that the finished patio will be above ground level to prevent water pooling. Install a weed barrier fabric then add 4 inches of gravel and tamp into place with a hand or electric tamper. Top with 2 inches of sand, level and tamp again.

  2. Add the edging

    Install aluminum edging around the perimeter of the patio. Edging prevents the pavers from moving once the patio is finished. Wood or brick are other options for edging the patio.

  3. Install the pavers

    Start in one corner and lay the pavers in the desired pattern, leaving a 1/4-inch gap between each one. Cut pavers using a cold chisel or brick saw as necessary for the pattern. Once all pavers are in place, sprinkle with sand and use a broom to sweep the sand into the gaps until they are full. Mist the area with water to compact the joints and add more sand until the joints are level with the surface. Sweep away any excess sand.