What Are the Steps to Creating Distressed Wood Flooring?


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To distress wood, use a commercial sander that is fitted with a distressing disk. Hand tools, such as a soldering iron, screwdriver, hammer or wire brush, are also effective in distressing a wood floor.

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To use a sander to distress wood, change the direction of the sander often, and move the sander in various directions while sanding to create an authentic look. Use hand tools to create additional features in the wood. For instance, a soldering iron can create burn marks on a floor, and a wire brush create small grooves or scratches. To hand-distress the floor, use a blade to scrape the floor, working in the direction of the grain. Homeowners may distress high-traffic areas more than corners and other out-of-the-way areas, but the entire floor should be treated to create a uniform appearance.

After the floor has reached the desired appearance, apply finishing touches. Use sandpaper to remove any splinters created during the distressing process, and vacuum the area thoroughly to remove any sawdust. To highlight knots and other distinguishing features, use a stain that is slightly darker than the stain used to finish the floor. Use ink or resin in place of stain to highlight specific features on the floor. Apply stain to the floor following the directions on the packaging, and allow the stain to dry completely.

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