What Are the Steps to Choosing Ductless Range Hood?


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The steps to choosing a ductless range hood include budget assessment, airflow rate evaluation and selecting a filter. Other steps are evaluating the airflow rate and assessing the noise level.

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  1. Assess your budget

    Your budget determines the level of functionality you get from a range hood. Ductless range hoods have different appearances and functions. The greater the number of functions, the higher the cost. For example, contemporary stainless steel models are more expensive than other models, as of 2014. Allocate a budget, taking into consideration the money spent on other appliances.

  2. Choose the right filter

    There are two types of ductless range hood filters: charcoal and aluminum. Charcoal filters perform well in removing oils, odors and other particles. Aluminum filters can be washed but do not filter oils and odors well. Choose a filter depending on the type of cooking. If you frequently cook using oils at high temperatures, use charcoal filters. When choosing between an aluminum filter and a charcoal filter, assess the noise level of each as well.

  3. Evaluate the airflow rate

    Consider the airflow rate of the ductless range hood depending on your kitchen size. Ducted hoods that exhaust air have a lower rating compared to others. A ductless range hood with a quality filter is effective in terms of airflow. A ductless hood with higher cubic feet per minute is very powerful.

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