What Are Some Steps in Building a House?


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The steps to build a house include preparing the ground, pouring the foundation, framing the walls, and installing exterior and interior walls. Builders typically complete the plumbing and electrical wiring in the early stages of building and install the roof after the frame is in place. Complete other details, such as cabinet installation, during the last stages of building. Depending on the region, inspections occur at regular intervals throughout the building process.

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If required by local building codes, remove the soil below the frost line, and level and square the ground to prepare for the foundation. After the frame is in place, install the exterior siding, and rough in the plumbing through the walls and floors.

Make plans for electrical lines, outlets and light fixtures as soon as the exterior walls are in place. An inspector typically checks the electrical system and frame to ensure local building codes are followed and the home has insulation.

Complete walkways and driveways after finishing the walls, and set the interior trim into place after preparing and painting the interior walls. Install the flooring and countertops are before completing the final details, such as installing bathroom mirrors. Typically, an inspector checks the home one last time before it is occupied.

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