What Are Step-by-Step Instructions for Building a Deck?


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To build a deck, create a blueprint for the deck, lay out the design, frame the deck, and lay the deck floor. Refer to local building code regulations before designing the deck to ensure it is built properly.

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What Are Step-by-Step Instructions for Building a Deck?
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To design a deck, begin by determining the size and placement of the deck, and decide which type of lumber to use. Cedar and pressure-treated hardwood are often used in outdoor living spaces, as these types of wood are durable in outdoor conditions. After designing the deck, mark the perimeter with boards and twine.

If the deck joins the home, mark the area where the deck meets the wall with a chalk line, and attach a ledger board to the exterior wall to support the deck. Remove the sod inside the perimeter, and replace it with gravel or another material recommended by local building code regulations.

Begin framing the deck by placing posts around the perimeter, and connect the floor joists to the posts. The number of floor joists and posts used depends on the size of the deck and local building codes. Secure the floor joists with screws and hurricane ties. Install the deck floor and side rails, and add finishing touches, such as steps, to complete the project. Finish the deck with paint or stain.

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