What Are Stelpro Baseboard Heaters?


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Baseboard heaters are convection units that provide zone heating. Stelpro heaters have a unique design with rounded end caps that eliminate sharp corners for improved safety and better thermal protection.

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Baseboard heaters provide zone heating. Units are available in several sizes to match the area they are heating. Each room has its own thermostat to control the temperature. While central heating requires heating the whole house to the same temperature, zone heating allows the resident to lower the heat settings in bedrooms while keeping the gathering spaces warmer.

Baseboard heaters use resistance heating. The manufacturer encloses the heating element in a metal sheath. Aluminum fins surround the sheath to increase surface area and heat transfer. The installer places the baseboard heater under windows. The cooler air surrounding the window is heavier than the air warmed by the unit. The warm air rises creating natural convection currents to spread the heat throughout the space, eliminating the needs for fans or ductwork. Eliminating the blower and ducts reduces the cost of installing the heating system.

Most baseboard heaters consume 250 watts per foot in length, with a 6-foot unit using 1,500 watts. The cost of operation depends on the number of hours per day the unit is heating and the current cost of electricity.

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