What Are Steel Mesh Panels Used For?


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The many industrial uses of steel mesh panels include security cages and fences, fan guards, and precision filtration, while homeowners create plant screens, trellises, fences and arbors out of these versatile panels. Interior and exterior designs for home and office include a variety of applications for steel mesh panels, including using the panels as flooring, ceilings, stairs and railings. Artistic pieces fashioned out of steel mesh panels and walls clad with these panels also grace both homes and businesses.

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Other artistic uses of metal mesh panels include decorative cabinet door insets and their use by craft paper makers when draining the paper. In the food industry, solar dehydrators and conventional and solar chimney dryers use stainless steel mesh panels for drying certain types of food.

When used in garden fencing, the mesh panels are usually attached to wood frames, but the design options, both in terms of the mesh design and framing are varied. Using steel mesh panels in a trellis design to support the weight of vines and plants keeps the foliage from damaging a building's exterior walls and helps protect exterior surfaces from ultraviolet rays and weather. Plain steel mesh is also a popular choice for outdoor fire pits and can be painted or, as sometimes preferred, left to rust. It is also often used for home window guards as a security feature and in commercial window guard applications such as parking garages, public transit stations and prisons.

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