What Does a Steam Washer Do?


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Steam washers use the heat from steam to remove dirt, stains, bacteria and wrinkles from laundry and clean more efficiently than traditional washers. The hot steam helps detergents and stain removers work more effectively.

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Steam is introduced to the wash cycle during the pre-wash phase, allowing detergents to dissolve completely into the water and absorb more thoroughly into the fabrics. Hot steam is also added after the wash cycle is complete in to sterilize and soften the laundry. Depending on the model, the steam is produced by heating the water in the washing tub or by using a compartmentalized steam generator. The temperature range for steam washers vary, but the models that produce the highest temperatures are the most effective for removing stains and killing bacteria.

Steam washers use less water and electricity than traditional machines, making them more energy efficient. On average, a front-loading washing machine uses 13.8 gallons of water each cycle, while a steam washer uses only 12.8 gallons.

The LG SteamWasher has a special cycle that eliminate allergens from fabrics by using heat sanitization to kill dust mites and remove dander. The LG model also has a steam-only cycle to remove wrinkles from dry clothing. In some washers, steam is used as part of a self-cleaning function on the machine.

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