What Steam Vac Troubleshooting Information Does Hoover Offer on Its Website?


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Consumers looking for troubleshooting tips for a Hoover SteamVac have access to a portable document format copy of the owner’s manual and a video instruction guide on the manufacturer’s website. The company also offers a limited one-year warranty on the carpet cleaner.

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If the device stops extracting water from the carpet, the problem is often with the lid of the recovery tank. For proper installation, the lid must hinge at the front and snap in place at the back. If the SteamVac stops sucking, remove the lid and reinstall it.

If reinstalling the lid does not fix the problem, check for an square opening on the front of the recovery tank. Some models include this duct that allows the use of an upholstery tool. For upright use, the cover to the duct must be in place. If you cannot find the cover, contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

When there is a suction problem and the brushes spin slowly, the gasket that attaches the recovery tank to the hose could have fallen off, allowing air in the tank and impairing the movement of the brushes. Remove the tank, lift the hood and find the gasket. Reinsert it on the hose.

If the machine extracts water but the brushes do not spin, or they spin slowly, it may be dirty. Remove the plastic rack that holds the brushes and clean the assembly. Check the filter screen and remove any accumulated debris.

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