How Do You Steam Clean Vinyl Floors?


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The process of steam cleaning vinyl floors involves vacuuming or sweeping floors to remove dirt and other debris and then using the steam cleaner to remove stains and other deposits. When used inappropriately, the heat and moisture of a steam cleaner has the potential to harm vinyl floor surfaces, especially plank floors that have small gaps between vinyl tiles. Always ensure the steamer's floor head or cleaning pad is clean prior to use.

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Steam cleaners are available in two varieties: steam mops and sweep-and-steam mops. Even though sweep-and-steam mops are designed to collect and remove dirt and other debris during use, always sweep or clean floors thoroughly prior to steam cleaning. Dirt, hair, sand, food particles and other debris can build up on the floor head or pad and may leave stain floors.

A floor head attachment is very useful for cleaning vinyl floors, as it controls the amount of heat output and may protect the vinyl from being damaged during cleaning. Steam mops and cleaners can pose potential safety risks or cause damage to surfaces when used in an improper manner. For safety purposes, always set up the steam cleaner and connect the floor head attachment before turning the cleaner on.

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