How Do You Steam Clean a Couch?

Use a steam cleaner with an upholstery extension covered by a clean cloth to clean couches, while deodorizing and sanitizing them in the process. No additional chemicals are needed to clean with steam.

  1. Prepare the steam cleaner

    Fill the steam cleaner's reservoir with water, and then attach the upholstery cleaner attachment. Plug the steamer in, and turn it on so that the water begins to heat up. Wait about 15 minutes before using the steam cleaner.

  2. Vacuum the couch

    Connect an upholstery attachment to a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the couch with the attachment to remove any loose dirt and debris from the surface of the couch. Run the attachment in straight lines from the rear to the front of the couch. Take off any removable cushions, and vacuum all of the cushion surfaces. Remove the upholstery attachment, and attach a crevice attachment to use on the folds in the couch.

  3. Steam the couch

    Hold the end of the steamer's upholstery attachment over a bucket, and run the steam through the attachment to empty out any water from the piping. Once there's only steam exuding from the attachment, fold a microfiber cloth over the end of the attachment. Test a small out-of-the way area of the couch for colorfastness by turning on the steam and running the cloth over a portion of the couch. Turn off the steam, and wait 15 minutes. If there is no damage, turn on the steamer and run the cloth over the rest of the couch. Change the cloth as it becomes dirty to maintain a clean cloth surface against the couch.

  4. Vacuum the couch

    Vacuum the couch a second time to remove the dirt loosened by the steamer. Replace the cushions.