What Are Static Roof Vents?


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Static roof vents are roof vents that are stationary or have no moving parts. Because there are no moving parts, a static vent undergoes less wear and tear and can last the life of a roof.

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Static vents, also called low-profile vents, louvers, flat vents or turtle vents are installed over a hole cut out of the roof and are usually placed close to the ridge of the roof. This is the best location to allow the most hot air and moisture to escape. Static vents are offered in metal, plastic and in a variety of colors, and while they are relatively inexpensive, they have limited effectiveness that can often require many vents to be used.

Architects, engineers and roofers favor static vents precisely because they do not have any moving parts. Under normal conditions, the only reason a static vent would need to be replaced is because of re-roofing or the flange that gets nailed or screwed to the roof becomes unusable when removed. For instance, the flange that sits between the nails or screws and the roofing sealant gets bent up and distorted when it is removed. Because of the low cost it is often easier and more economical to buy new ones and replace the old static vent.

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