What Are the Stated Advantages of a Clorox Microfiber Mop?


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The benefits of cleaning with a Clorox microfiber mop include enhanced cleaning power, reduced usage of cleaners and water, reduced cross-contamination and increased efficiency, saving time and money. The Clorox brand microfiber mop is not available on Clorox.com and is listed as temporarily unavailable from Target.com and Amazon.com, as of October 2015.

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Microfiber cloth is a popular choice for mopping due to its many advantages over conventional mops. Microfiber is constructed of polyester and polyamide nylon fibers, which is thinner than a human hair. The material is made with woven split fibers, creating a tight, net-like surface with thousands of nooks that are positively charged and attract negatively charged dirt and debris, often without the addition of water or cleaning agents. The material has over 200,000 fibers per square inch and can absorb four times its weight in liquid.

Microfiber can access crevices and pores too small for a conventional mop or cloth to reach and is environmentally friendly. Using a microfiber mop saves on water usage during cleaning. The mop heads are reusable and machine washable, saving on waste and replacement costs. Microfiber material does not harbor or spread bacteria and is 98.9 percent effective on removing bacteria from smooth surfaces.

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