What Starter Tools Are Needed to Begin a Hobby Making Simple Wooden Projects?


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Starter tools needed for basic wood projects include a chisel, hammer, hand saw, screwdriver, tape measure and sandpaper. Additional tools can be used, such as a mallet, marking gauge, clamps, marking knife, nail punch, sliding bevel and planer.

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Each of the tools needed for basic wood projects has a specific purpose. All wood projects require some form of measurement, which is why the tape measure is vital. It's a small device that allows the user to perform quick measurements while working.

A basic hand saw can be used to cut wood into its desired length. Different types of saws are needed for cutting wood in different ways, such as when making an angled cut or cutting curves into the wood.

The hammer is a tool that will be used quite a bit for woodwork. It's used for striking nails into wood. The back or claw of the hammer can be used to pull nails out of wood, which is especially vital if a nail is placed incorrectly.

Doing wood projects as a hobby can require a few tools or several. For simple starter projects, a hammer, tape measure and hand saw does quite a bit of work, but for better precision and larger projects, many more tools are required.

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