How Do You Start an Urban Farm?


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The process of starting an urban farm involves several steps, including making a high-level plan, acquiring land and designing the garden for maximum efficiency. A designer will also need to be familiar with land rights and testing soil quality.

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How Do You Start an Urban Farm?
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  1. Devise a high-level plan
  2. Prior to starting a farming operation, it may be helpful for prospective urban farmers to think about what they are trying to accomplish. Will this be a business endeavor that needs a mission statement and objectives? What resources are available from the outset? Considering these factors can be helpful.

  3. Acquire land or space
  4. Farmers who don't already have land to set up their urban farming operation may need to buy a vacant lot or negotiate a lease of outdoor space. It may also be possible to set up a farming operation on one's roof or in other urban spaces.

  5. Make sure the land is secure
  6. Illegally squatting on land provides very little long-term security and may lead to a total loss of the farm. It is a good idea to understand land rights and ownership prior to farming an area, even if it appears totally vacant.

  7. Test soil for health and contamination
  8. After securing land, it may be necessary to test the soil in that area to make sure it will provide adequate nutrition for plants. Additionally, it may be necessary to test the soil for the presence of toxic chemicals and other urban contaminants.
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