How Do You Start Tomato Seeds?

How Do You Start Tomato Seeds?

How Do You Start Tomato Seeds?

Plant tomato seeds indoors six to eight weeks before your growing season. You need tomato seeds, potting soil, a light source, a table fan and an assortment of containers at least 3 inches deep. It takes between 30 minutes and one hour to start your plants for the season.

  1. Find the best seeds to suit your needs

    Take plant size into consideration and choose plants that fit your garden's site plan. Consider harvest times for crop availability throughout the growing season.

  2. Prepare the containers and plant the seeds

    Make sure your planters have adequate drainage. Punch a few holes into the bottoms of your containers if they don't. Fill them with potting soil and plant the seeds according to the package instructions. Label your containers if you planted different varieties and keep the soil moist until the seeds sprout, which should occur within five to 10 days.

  3. Nurture your new tomato plants

    Find a light source (either a window or a grow light) and water your plants daily. Fertilize your plants at half-strength after they form leaves. Simulate windy conditions to strengthen stems by using a table fan for one hour a day. Rotate the plants that lean toward the light to keep their stems straight.