How do you start a tea plant nursery?


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Starting a tea plant nursery requires a stock of healthy Camellia sinensis plants, facilities in which to grow them successfully, and whatever licenses and permits are required in your local area. Many plants can be used to brew teas, but Camellia sinensis is used for nearly all commercial tea, including green tea, oolong tea, black tea and white tea. Camellia sinesis grows as a small tree or shrub depending on how it is pruned.

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Camellia sinesis strains native to China tend to be more tolerant of cold than those native to India. The plants prefer slightly acidic soil, plenty of sun as they mature and protection from wind. In warmer regions of the United States, the plants can be grown outdoors. If the winters in your region tend to be colder, growing tea plants in a heated greenhouse or indoors is advisable. In the United States, camellia sinesis does well outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture growing regions seven to nine.

Depending on the regulations of your city, county or state, permits may be required to run a commercial nursery of any kind. Such permits can include a business license, resale certificate, federal tax identification number and commercial nursery license.

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