How Do You Start a Snow Blower?


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Some general tips for starting a snowblower include checking the fuel and oil, setting the choke and shifting the throttle. The steps for starting a snow blower may differ depending on the manufacturer of the engine or the snow blower. Follow the instructions and precautions found on the manufacturer manual.

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How Do You Start a Snow Blower?
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Carry out a pre-start check-up to ensure the drive control lever is at Neutral, the fuel in the tank is fresh and the oil level is at the dipstick’s full mark. Then set the choke to Full by closing it. Once the engine has warmed up, return the choke to Run.

Shift the throttle to Fast before opening the fuel shutoff valve. Place the valve on the ON position. To avoid any leakages, shut the fuel shutoff valve while the snow blower is not running.

Spin the ignition switch to Run before inserting the safety ignition key. In case of an emergency, remove the safety ignition key to shut down the engine. Not all snow blowers engines require the key; you need only an ignition switch.

Press the primer bulb two to three times before pulling the starter slightly, and then firmly and quickly.

If your snow blower does not start after following these steps, reread your snow blower manual to ensure you have followed the instructions.

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