How Do You Start a Propane Refrigerator?

How Do You Start a Propane Refrigerator?

Starting a propane refrigerator is very similar to lighting the pilot light on a gas furnace. Most propane refrigerators have a piezoelectric starter to eliminate the need for a match. Press and hold the gas button, press the striker and release the gas button after 30 seconds.

Before lighting the gas refrigerator, the user should ensure it is level. In recreational vehicles, a glass bubble in the center of the freezer indicates when the unit is level. With freestanding models, place a level on top of the unit and adjust the feet as necessary to ensure it is level.

Propane refrigerators from RVs often have the option of operating on electricity or propane. The user should turn the switch to propane before starting the refrigerator. The controls for the refrigerator are under a panel near the bottom of the unit. It is sometimes necessary to use a screwdriver to pry off the panel.

Propane refrigerators have two or three knobs. Two-knob units combine the gas control and temperature control into a single knob.

Starting the refrigerator requires pressing the gas control knob to allow the gas to flow and pressing the piezoelectric striker repeatedly until the flame starts. In most units, it is not possible to see the flame, but an indicator near the knobs shows when it is burning.