How Do I Start the Propane Reddy Heater?


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To start a propane Reddy heater, attach the heater to a propane supply, plug in the power cord, open the propane supply valve, and turn the heater on. To stop the heater, turn off the propane supply, wait a few seconds, and then turn off the heater.

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Connect the heater to the user-supplied propane power source with the hose and regulator assembly. Place the heater on a level, stable surface in a draft-free area. Plug the power cord into a grounded, three-prong extension cord, and plug the extension cord into a grounded, three-hole, 120 volt outlet. When the motor starts and the fan begins turning, slowly open the valve on the propane supply tank, as if it is opened too quickly, the excess flow check valve shuts off the gas flow. Depending on the model, to start the heater, either turn on the on/off switch or press the control knob, turn it to Low, and hold the knob down for 30 seconds after the heater starts.

Set the heater to the correct heat by adjusting the control knob. If the heater stops working, turn off the fuel supply, and check the fuel level. If there is sufficient fuel, go through the steps again to restart the heater. When stopping the heater, after turning off the fuel supply, allow the heater to burn the gas in the supply hoses before switching it off.

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