How Do You Start a Pistachio Tree Nursery?


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To begin a pistachio tree nursery, start the seeding process in November. Soak seeds in water or chemical solution, place seeds in pots and set planted pots in a nursery flat in partial sun. Keep plants watered and check for germination when the weather grows warmer in spring.

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First, allow a bowl of tap water to sit out at room temperature for two to three days. Soak raw pistachio seeds in this bowl for 16 hours. Fill clean, 3-inch deep pots with soil-free potting mix. In the center of each pot, dig a 1-inch hole and place a seed in it. Fill each hole with soil and pack gently. Set all pots in a clean nursery flat. If the planted pots don't fill the entire area of the flat, place empty pots in open spaces so that no pots fall over. Place the flat outside in a partially sunny area and keep it well-watered throughout the winter.

Pistachio trees often have low or irregular germination. This can be improved by soaking seeds in diluted solutions of potassium nitrate or gibberallic acid and benzyladenine. In order to produce better nut yield, graft a proven pistachio variety, such us Kerman, onto good rootstock.

Edible pistachios are native to western Asia and are also grown in the southwest United States. They thrive in arid semi-desert climates with long, hot summers, low humidity and cool winters.

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