How Do You Start a Compost Bin?


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Start a compost bin by choosing the appropriate bin, selecting an accessible location, and layering the location with brown and green materials. Add moisture, and turn the compost as necessary.

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  1. Choose the appropriate bin

    There are many commercially available compost bins. Choose one that is appropriate for your family. If you plan to compost food scraps, choose a bin that locks to keep animals out of the container.

  2. Select an accessible location

    For successful composting, you must add more materials on a regular basis. Locate the bin in a place where you can add scraps of fruits and vegetables from the kitchen when the weather is unfavorable.

  3. Layer the materials

    Add a 4-inch layer of brown materials, such as leaves and twigs, and top it with 4 inches of green materials, such as grass clippings, coffee grounds or manure. Alternate the layers, but leave room for adding more scraps to the compost.

  4. Add moisture

    If the compost is dry, add some water to aid the decomposition process. Try to keep the compost about as damp as a moist sponge.

  5. Turn the compost

    Check the internal temperature of the compost, and turn the compost when the temperature reaches approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Move the material from the outside to the center to aerate the compost in the bin.

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