How Do You Start a Community Garden?

How Do You Start a Community Garden?

How Do You Start a Community Garden?

To start a community garden, gather members of the community, determine available resources, raise money, choose a gardening spot, tend the land and decide on the arrangement of the garden. You need strong communication and organizational skills to pull everyone together and finance the garden. Gardening equipment is necessary for maintaining the garden.

  1. Organizing a meeting

    Arrange a meeting that includes neighbors, gardening societies, tenants and apartment managers. Find out if a community garden is needed in the community, and determine the kind of garden it will be, such as an organic or vegetable garden. Form a committee to oversee the garden.

  2. Establish rules

    Create rules pertaining to such things as dues and money allocation. Place all of the rules in writing.

  3. Allocate resources

    Determine the resources that are available within the community. Contact city planners and horticultural societies for input. Seek out people in the community who have gardening experience.

  4. Raise money

    Set up a membership plan, and look for people in the community to pay dues. Turn to businesses, schools and churches for additional financial support.

  5. Choose a location

    Choose a spot that gets plenty of sunshine and possesses quality soil. Vegetable gardens need at least six hours of sunlight each day. Test the ground for ground pollution.

  6. Make plans

    Decide on the number of plots and the overall design of the garden. A separate area can be designated for children. Consider space for the gardening equipment.

  7. Cultivate the land

    Purchase the necessary materials and equipment to amend the land. Seek volunteers for help.

  8. Enhance communication

    Foster better communication by creating an email list or setting up an outside bulletin that is waterproof. Hold regular events around the garden.