What Are Some Standing Floor Fans With Positive Reviews?

What Are Some Standing Floor Fans With Positive Reviews?

Some of the best-reviewed standing floor fans, also called pedestal fans, on Amazon.com are the Lasko 1827, the Honeywell QuietSet 16-inch, the Rowenta VU5551 and the Lasko 1843, as of January 2016. The Lasko 1827 is an 18-inch fan with an adjustable pedestal. It's the best-selling pedestal fan on Amazon.com. The Honeywell and Rowenta are both 16-inch fans, and the Lasko 1843 is 18 inches.

Reviews indicate that the Lasko 1827 is very effective and powerful. One reviewer dislikes the required assembly and relatively unhelpful remote, but praises the wide oscillation settings and effectiveness at moving a lot of air. Another reviewer indicates that the fan is surprisingly sturdy and easy-to-clean.

Reviews of the Honeywell QuietSet 16-inch mostly praise the fan for being effective and a good value. Positive comments state that it's solidly constructed and has a convenient remote control. However, a few reviews warn that the fan breaks easily.

The Rowenta VU5551 has received reviews praising its design and uniqueness. Many customers agree that it's slightly overpriced, but nearly all of the reviews award the fan at least four out of five stars.

Reviews of the Lasko 1843 are similar to those of the 1827. Many reviewers state that it's a great fan and a reasonable value. However, a few reviews cite the build quality and ineffective remote as reasons for less-than-perfect ratings.