What Is the Standard Size of a Banquet Table?

The most common height of a standard banquet table is 30 inches, but the area of the table depends on the number of guests who need to sit at it. For a table of four people, the table should have a diameter of 36 inches, notes GROUP R Products.

A table for five people should be 42 to 48 inches in circumference, a table for six should be 54 inches around, a table for eight should be 60 inches around and a table for 10 should be 72 inches around. For rectangular tables, a table for four guests should be 30 inches tall by 48 inches long, a table for six should be 30 inches by 72 inches long and a table for eight should be 30 inches high by 96 inches long. A table for eight can also seat 10 guests if chairs are placed on both ends.