What Do Standard Septic System Designs Look Like?


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A standard septic system is underground and covered. The system consists of three major components: a wastewater pipe, a septic tank and a drainpipe. It uses a soil absorption system for treating waste water.

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The wastewater pipe carries wastewater from the house into the septic tank every time someone uses water.

The size of the septic tank depends on the number of bedrooms, the number of people and the water usage habits in a home. Solid material sinks, while fats and grease float in the tank. The liquid effluent between these materials flows to the drain field through a T-shaped outlet. A standard septic tank has a riser for checking sludge levels.

The drain field is made up of a succession of trenches lined with gravel and covered with soil. The trenches carry the liquid effluent into groundwater.

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