What Is the Standard Maintenance for a Culligan Water Softener?

The standard maintenance for a Culligan water softener involves adding salt to the water softener, assessing a household?s salt usage and performing a six-point water softener inspection to determine if water softener repair is necessary. These maintenance services are available through the Culligan Advantage Plus Program.

Through the Culligan Advantage Plus Program, customers do not have to purchase salt or fill their tanks. Culligan Water technicians deliver salt and put it to the water softener at a customer?s home. They examine the household?s salt usage to determine the right periods to deliver salt, and they also carry out an inspection that includes checking for leaks, checking time settings, and inspecting salt and water levels.

Culligan Water professionals also perform repairs if needed. After filling the tanks or doing repairs, they stack remaining salt bags and get rid of empty bags. Customers who need maintenance services should call a local Culligan dealer.

Culligan water softeners are equipped with resin beads in which sodium is attached to the resin. They are designed to eliminate dissolved minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and iron, which are not trapped in a filter bed. The advantages of using water softeners include cleaner dishes, softer skin and hair, softer clothes, and reduced soap scum and lime scale accumulation in the bathroom.