What Is Standard Hotel Housekeeping Equipment?

Standard hotel housekeeping equipment includes a duster, bristle broom and soft broom, dust pan, rugs, disinfectant, floor cleaning liquid, buckets, thread mops, cleaning cloths, liquid soap, bleaching powder, a nylon brush and wooden brush, a sponge, insecticide, air fresheners, toilet cleaners, varnish, stain remover, toilet paper, a vacuum cleaner and a polishing machine, according to the Lions Aravind Institute of Community Ophthalmology. All equipment that is purchased by the company, organization or housekeeper should be of a high quality.

Cleaning a hotel with equipment that is not of a high quality will mean that the hotel is less clean for guests and that it will take longer to clean. This can be frustrating for guests and management. If the housekeeper is expected to purchase his or her own equipment, then he or she should confer with the hotel manager to ensure that the equipment is acceptable.

The equipment, once purchased, must be maintained. If equipment is not maintained, it is possible for problems to arise. Equipment that is not maintained properly is less likely to provide a superior cleaning job.

In the hotel setting, the housekeeping department is often the largest department, and there are different attendants for different areas of cleaning, including room attendants, housemen, laundry attendants and inspectors.