What Is the Standard Height for Kitchen Countertops?

As of 2014, the standard height for kitchen countertops is 36 inches, which is the most ergonomic height for average-sized people. Below-average, above-average and wheelchair countertop heights are available to accommodate those people who are shorter, taller or disabled.

Lower countertops measure from 31 to 34 inches tall, while higher countertops measure 38 to 40 inches tall. Standalone work areas, such as kitchen islands with one level, typically measure 42 inches tall. Some kitchen islands contain multiple levels to accommodate different tasks. Premanufactured base cabinetry typically measures 34.5 inches to accommodate the standard countertop height. Appliances, such as built-in ovens and dishwashers, are commonly manufactured at the same height to line up with the countertops.