What Is the Standard Bathtub Measurements?

standard-bathtub-measurements Credit: Martin Barraud/OJO Images/Getty Images

The standard bathtub measures 60 inches long by 30 inches wide and has a depth of 14 inches. Bath tubs, however, come in a number of lengths, widths and depths to suit personal space and taste.

The size of a bathtub is important to many people, especially tall people who tend to have difficultly with low tub rims. A corner bathtub normally has a triangular shape and is a good option for those with limited space. Another alternative is to install a shower, which can be custom made to fit almost any dimension.

The standard bath tub holds 50 gallons of water. Soaking tubs, which enjoy increasing popularity, are larger, deeper and hold more water, some of them up to 80 gallons. Also included among larger tubs are many claw foot and jetted tubs. Tubs smaller than standard are harder to find. Bathroom size and configuration are major considerations when purchasing a tub, but weight is also a factor.