How Do You Stake a Tree?


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To stake a tree, a person needs to get polyethylene strips or webbing, stakes and possibly a hammer. Stakes need to be removed as the tree outgrows the stakes and anchors itself to its location.

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  1. Determine if the tree needs to be staked
  2. Determine whether or not the tree actually needs to be staked. Some trees do better without being staked. Trees that do better with being staked are most often top-heavy, are in danger of being knocked over or will be planted in a windy area.
  3. Attach the webbing
  4. If a tree needs to be staked, use either webbing or a kind of polyethylene strip to hold the tree to the stakes. Tie these loosely around the tree at its midpoint.
  5. Choose the stakes
  6. It is recommended that only one stake is used for trees with trunks that are less than 3 inches in diameter. Trees with larger trunks can use two, three or even four stakes. Always make sure that at least one stake is put on the windward side of the tree.
  7. Hammer stakes into the ground
  8. Stakes should then be hammered or driven by hand into the ground. It is recommended that the stakes go approximately 18 inches into the ground.
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