What Are Some Free Stair Calculators?


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Calculator.net's stair calculator, EZ Stairs Calculator, and MyCarpentry.com's stair calculator are some free online stair calculators. Each website offers free tips and visual diagrams to assist with the calculations.

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On Calculator.net, users enter one stair's rise and run or the total rise and run to calculate the results. The website also contains a reference list providing safety recommendations for building the stairs, handrails and doors.

The E-Z Stairs Calculator requires users to enter the total stair rise with the user's run or the total run. The website also asks if there is a head height restriction before letting users proceed to step two to calculate.

MyCarpentry.com offers an automatic and a manual calculator. The automatic version just has users enter the total rise of the stairs. Users may adjust other numbers before calculating. The manual version has users enter the rise and run in inches, and it also asks for the number of steps and the thickness of tread material. At this point, users calculate the information.

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