How Do I Get Stains Off Vinyl Siding?

To remove stains from vinyl siding, clean the siding with vinegar or oxygen bleach. Regular cleaning can help prevent new stains from forming. Cleaning the siding may require a weekend, depending on the size of the home and the severity of the stains.

  1. Clean small stains with vinegar

    To clean vinyl siding with vinegar, mix 3 cups of white vinegar with 7 cups of water. Apply the vinegar mixture to small mold or mildew stains, and scrub the stain gently with a cloth or cleaning brush. Rinse the area thoroughly after cleaning.

  2. Clean large or dark stains with oxygen bleach

    Mix a cup of powdered oxygen bleach in a gallon of warm water, and stir the solution until the oxygen bleach is dissolved. Apply the solution to the stained area, and scrub the stain with a long-handled brush or soft cloth. Allow the solution to remain on the siding for up to 10 minutes before rinsing the area thoroughly.

  3. Clean the siding regularly

    After cleaning, maintain the appearance of the siding by cleaning it regularly. All-purpose household cleaners can be used for regular maintenance. Begin regular cleaning at the bottom of the siding, and work upward in small sections to ensure a streak-free surface after cleaning.