How Do You Stain Wood Veneer?


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Wood veneer can be stained with standard oil or solvent-base wood stain. Prepare the wood veneer and stain it like any other wood surface.

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Wood veneer is a thin layer stripped from a piece of wood. It is usually adhered to the surface of wood composite, such as particle board, to give it a more attractive appearance. Wood veneer furniture is finished and pre-stained, but over time that stain wears down or the furniture becomes damaged. However, it is possible to stain wood veneer to give it new life.

  1. Sand the wood veneer
  2. Sand the wood veneer with a fine grit sandpaper to remove the old stain, sealer and any damage. Avoid sanding too much; the veneer is thin and its possible to sand through the veneer layer.

  3. Prep with a sealer
  4. Apply a wood sealer to the veneer if it is made from a soft wood, such as cherry, pine or birch. The wood sealer helps keep the stain from becoming blotchy when applied to the veneer surface. Allow the sealer to dry for a few hours and then give the veneer another light sanding.

  5. Apply the stain
  6. Use a soft, clean rag to apply a light coat of wood stain to the veneer. Allow the stain to dry completely between each application of wood stain. If desired, finish the surface with a wood sealant to protect the stained veneer.

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