What Are Some Stain Removal Techniques?


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Stain removal techniques include freezing, brushing and pretreating. Other techniques that are applicable in removing stains are flushing, tamping and sponging. The nature of the stain and surface on which the stain appears determines the applicable technique.

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Freezing is a stain removal technique that involves hardening a soft stain by holding it against a cold substance such as an ice cube in order to facilitate removal. Once hard, the stain can be removed through scraping. Stains to which this technique is applicable include gum and candle wax stains.

Brushing is suitable for removing dry stains such as mud. It can also act as an initial stage in the removal of stains such as face powder and as part of the final stages when dealing with absorbent stains. Brushing involves laying the stained material on a clean surface and using a toothbrush or stiff-bristled brush to scrub away the stain. To avoid destroying the fabric, an individual should apply gentle pressure when brushing.

Pretreating involves applying a stain remover such as bleach-free pretreating paste, liquid detergent or bar soap directly to the stain and working the remover into the stain. Laundering the fabric as normal completes this process. Pretreatable stains include greasy stains and stubborn soil stains.

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