How Do You Stain Pine Furniture?

How Do You Stain Pine Furniture?

Staining pine furniture takes about two hours, according to the DIY Network. Use a stain designed for pine furniture. You also need sandpaper, a paintbrush, a rag and a tack cloth.

  1. Sand the surface

    You need to sand the pine furniture to prepare the surface to receive the stain. Rub the surface with rough sandpaper in the direction of the grain to remove scratches and roughen up the surface so that the stain sticks to it. When you have finished sanding, wipe away any dust using the tack cloth.

  2. Apply the first coat of stain

    Apply a thin layer of stain to the pine furniture using a paintbrush. You should brush in the direction of the grain to avoid a streaky appearance in the final result. Wipe the stain with a rag every few strokes to remove the excess. Once the entire surface is covered, leave the pine furniture to dry.

  3. Apply additional coats of stain, if desired

    If the stain is not as dark or as thick as you would like it to be, then you can apply a second and even a third coat. Remember to let each layer of stain dry completely before you apply the next one.