How Do You Stain Oak Wood Using Minwax Stain Colors?


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Staining oak wood using Minwax stain colors involves opening up the pores, applying the stain, wiping off excess stain and applying a clear finish. If the wood has an existing finish, the first step should be to sand away the finish as it will prevent the stain from being absorbed into the wood.

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The following steps show how to stain oak wood using Minwax stain colors.

  1. Open up the pores
  2. Open up the pores on the wood by sanding the surface with a medium-grit and then a fine-grit sandpaper along the grain.

  3. Apply the stain
  4. Use a bristle brush, foam brush or cloth to apply the stain. Make sure to press the stain into the wood especially on wood with large pores such as oak. Wipe away excess stain after application.

  5. Apply finish
  6. Use a clear finish on top of the stain to protect both the wood and the stain.

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