How Do You Stain Kitchen Cabinets?


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To stain kitchen cabinets, a person needs to remove hardware and doors, take off the old finish and then apply the new stain finish. The person will also need to have a few basic tools and the stain ready, as well as a partner to help, for best results.

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  1. Remove the hardware and doors
  2. The first step in staining kitchen cabinets is to remove the hardware, such as the knobs. The next step is to remove the kitchen cabinet doors. It can be hard to stain doors when they are attached, and some areas may be missed due to the door placement.
  3. Take off the old finish
  4. The next step is to take off the old finish from the kitchen cabinets that are being stained. This is best done through the process of sanding. The sanding process can be performed by hand or by using an electric-powered sander. This should be done on the cabinets and the cabinet doors unless the homeowner wants to keep the original stain on either the doors of the frame and body.
  5. Apply a new stain finish
  6. The final step is to apply the new stain finish. Follow the instructions found on the back of the stain for best results. A homeowner can choose to apply multiple coats or a single coat depending on the stain and its instructions. 
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