How Do You Stain Hardwood Floors?

To stain a hardwood floor, sand and vacuum it, mop the floor, stain it, wait 24 hours, and apply two coats of clear finish. This four-day project requires sandpaper, a floor sander, a vacuum, water, a mop, rags, wood stain, clear wood finish, a paint roller and rubber gloves.

  1. Sand and vacuum the floor

    Sand the wood with a floor sander, and use sandpaper to reach into the corners. Vacuum up the sanding debris.

  2. Mop the floor

    Mop the floor with lukewarm water, and wait 30 minutes. Do not dry the floor.

  3. Stain the floor

    Put on long rubber cleaning gloves, and rub the stain over the floor with a rag. Wait several minutes, check for unabsorbed stain puddles, and wipe them up. Give the stain 24 hours to dry.

  4. Apply clear finish

    Apply clear finish with a paint roller. Start on the side furthest from the room entrance, and move the roller in slow, parallel lines. For the best results, move the roller in the direction of the wood grain. Wait three hours, and then apply a second coat.

  5. Wait 72 hours

    Let the floor dry for 72 hours before you put furniture on it or subject it to heavy foot traffic.