How Do You Stain a Fence?

How Do You Stain a Fence?

To stain a fence, apply stain to the surface area of the fence with a regular-sized roller, and then use smaller tools to stain hard-to-reach areas. Use a long-lasting, oil-based stain.

  1. Cover the surrounding surfaces

    Lay a painter's dropcloth along the bottom edge of the fence.

  2. Apply sealer

    Apply a wood-preserving sealer to the entire surface area of the fence before you stain. Give the sealer time to dry.

  3. Stain all open surfaces

    Apply stain to a 1/2-inch nap roller, and use it to stain the easy-to-reach surfaces of the fence.

  4. Stain hard-to-reach spots

    Use a 4-inch roller and various-sized paintbrushes to stain the cracks and hard-to-reach areas of the fence.