How Do You Stain a Concrete Patio?


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To stain an unsealed concrete patio, sand and degrease it, apply primer, stain the concrete and seal it. This procedure takes several days. The required supplies are a power washer, a sander, an 80-grit sanding disk, degreaser, a scrub brush, primer, a pump sprayer, a paint roller and sealant.

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  1. Sand and degrease the patio

    Sand the patio with a sanding machine fitted with an 80-grit disk. Pour degreaser over the concrete, and rub it in with a soft-bristle scrub brush. Concentrate on oily, stained areas. Rinse the patio with a power washer, and let it dry. This usually takes several days.

  2. Apply primer

    Prime the patio with a paint roller according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  3. Apply the stain

    Pour the stain into a pump sprayer, and apply it to a 4-foot square of concrete. Run a paint roller over the stain. Stain the remaining concrete with the same technique, and give it four hours to dry.

  4. Inspect the color

    Inspect the color of the stain. To deepen it, apply a second coat, and dry it for four hours.

  5. Seal the concrete

    Roll one coat of clear sealant over the concrete. Do not walk on the patio or place furniture on it for 72 hours.

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