How Do You Stain Concrete?


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Apply concrete stain by cleaning the surface, protecting the surroundings, spraying the stain and back-rolling. Top with a sealer. Dye-based stains work well on fully cured concrete that no longer contains the lime required for acid staining. Complete this project in a weekend.

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  1. Clean the surface

    Existing stains and dirt affect the finished project. Clean the concrete using a heavy-duty cleaner, and rinse until there are no more bubbles. Use a rust stain remover to eliminate any rust stains.

  2. Protect the surroundings

    Apply masking paper or drop cloths to any surface you do not want to stain. There is no need to cover plants or grass when applying this type of stain.

  3. Apply the dye-based stain

    Mist the concrete with water. Work in small sections beginning at the house. Begin with a base coat to smooth out the color. Apply with a garden sprayer, and back-roll using a paint roller. Mist again and add the top coat. Spray lightly with water to blend the two stains and create a marbled design. Allow to dry. Continue the process until you cover the entire surface.

  4. Seal the concrete

    Once the pattern is dry, follow the manufacturer's directions for applying a concrete sealer. The sealer helps to keep the stain looking fresh and prevents wear.

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