What Stain Colors Look Good on Cedar Fencing?


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A variety of stain colors look great on cedar fencing, but the most common colors are neutrals, such as hues of tan, beige and gray. The wood and the opacity of the stain also affects how color looks on a fence. Stains range from transparent to opaque, with the opaque shades tending to be the darkest.

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For those who appreciate wood grain and texture, translucent stain is the way to go. It contains very little, if any pigment. Transparent stains add a touch of color while still allowing the wood grain and texture to show through.

Semi-transparent stain changes the wood's color but still allows much of the grain and texture to show through. These stains offer rich color as well as showcasing some of the wood's natural beauty, which is a good compromise between the two extremes.

For homeowners who are all about the color, semi-solid or solid stains are a good option. Semi-sold creates rich color while still allowing a bit of the wood grain and texture to show through. Solid stains are opaque, and although they may allow some of the wood's texture to be visible, it covers the wood grain.

Stores that carry stains for cedar fences often provide stain samples so homeowners can see how the stain is going to look on their particular fence. For those who aren't sure about what color to choose, trying several color samples can help with the decision-making.

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