How Do You Stain Cedar Shingles?

How Do You Stain Cedar Shingles?

How Do You Stain Cedar Shingles?

Staining cedar shingles is a fairly complex process that can take over two weeks, depending on the age, condition and size of the area to be stained. In order to get started, you will need a large sponge, garden hose, bucket, roller, sprayer, old 4-inch paintbrush, ladder, stiff scrub brush, bleach, stain-blocking primer and acrylic exterior paint.

  1. Clean old shingles

    Depending on the age of the shingles, the process is different. When dealing with old shingles, sponge any mildew areas with a one to three part solution of bleach and water. Scrub the mildew and let the solution soak in for roughly 20 minutes. Use the garden hose to spray off any solution thoroughly and allow the shingles to dry. This may take as long as two weeks.

  2. Recondition the shingles

    When the shingles are dry, use the stiff scrub brush to get rid of any aged or weathered fibers. Work the bristles into the overlapped edges, and scrub down along the face of the shingle.

  3. Paint the shingles

    Brush off the dust with the old paintbrush. Finally, apply the oil-based primer to the shingles. When shingles are dry, apply an acrylic exterior paint. Be sure to back brush if using a roller.