How Do You Stain Cabinets?


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To stain cabinets, prepare the wood by sanding off the old finish, then apply a wood conditioner to seal the wood. Apply the stain, going over the wood in a circular motion, and wipe off the excess. Apply two coats of a polyurethane varnish finish to seal in the stain.

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  1. Sand the cabinets

    Sand the cabinets lightly with a 120-grit sand paper to remove any old finish. Work in one direction to avoid scratches. Go over the cabinets again with 220-grit sand paper to leave the wood with a smooth finish.

  2. Apply a wood conditioner

    Wipe any dust and particles from the cabinets, then apply a coat of wood conditioner to seal the wood. Apply it with a clean rag or paint brush in even strokes. Allow it to dry completely.

  3. Apply the wood stain

    Brush a liberal amount of stain onto the cabinets with a bristle or foam brush. Brush it on in a circular motion to help fill in the deep pores of the wood, then apply another coat going with the grain to give it an even, smooth look. Wipe off any excess, unabsorbed stain with a dry cloth, going in the direction of the wood.

  4. Apply a finish to the cabinets

    Brush on a clear polyurethane finish to seal in the stain and protect the wood. Allow it to dry, then apply a second coat. Let the cabinets dry completely before touching them again.

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